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Zhouzhuang in All Seasons

Zhouzhuang in All Seasons is a large-scale show which demonstrates original and primitive life in a water town. The show presents the original primitive culture along the southern Yangtze River. The performance is unveiled in a classical environment of small bridges, running rivers and riverside households. It projects cultural features and fascinating charms of Zhouzhuang, China's first water town.

Zhouzhuang in All Seasons

The three chapters of the performance display the charms of the water town Zhouzhuang through fishing songs, fishing women, and fishing lamps. It projects Zhouzhuang in four seasons, which is Rain Lane in spring, Pick Lotus Root in summer, Harvest in autumn, and Spend the New Year in winter. It exhibits the folk custom of Zhouzhuang through the events of greeting the God of Wealth, setting straw on fire, drinking granny tea, and holding wedding ceremony at the water town. The performance is reputed as the first class in the world, because it expresses folk custom in an artistic and authentic way.


Common seat: 150 yuan/person

VIP seat: 280 yuan/person


19:00 - 20:00 each night


Water-based stage of Jiang Nan Ren Jia



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