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Water Town Guide

The Water Town Guide of Zhouzhuang is the first group of tour guides in Zhouzhuang. Its 25 professional tour guides offer both Chinese and English services, with remarkable dedication and great proficiency.

Water Town Guide

Their motto is: “Serve with smile; satisfy with the heart.”

1. Route:

The scenic spots include: Shuangqiao (Twin Bridge), Zhangting (Zhang's House), Shenting (Shen's House), Chengxu Taoist Temple, Jubaoxuan, Ye Chucang Residence, Yifei Museum, Gu Xitai (the Ancient Drama Stage), the Quanfu Temple, Zhenfeng Street, Fuan Bridge, Milou (the Enchanting Tower), "Tianxiaode" Folk Museum.

2. Prices

Main entrance: 100 yuan per person

Tour guide:

80 yuan per person for groups of no more than 16 people

100 yuan per person for groups of 17 – 30 people

200 yuan per person for groups of 31 – 50 people

Hotels: 180 – 300 yuan per room (Fridays, Saturdays and holidays)

120 – 200 yuan per room (from Sundays to Thursdays)

Family-run hotels: 80 – 130 yuan per room

Manual boats: 80 yuan per boat (for no more than 8 people)

Guailou (the Strange House): 20 yuan per person

Mocheng (the Town of Ghosts): 30 yuan per person

Contact us:

Ticket Center: 0512-57211655

Ancient Entrance tour guide service: 0512-57211543

Agents: Miss Qu, Miss Yang

E-mail: zzjgs2008@163.com

QQ: 410932210