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Two-day tour route

The first day 

Arrive in Zhouzhuang in the afternoon.

Wander through the streets in Zhouzhuang and taste delicious snacks in a featured restaurant.

Enjoy the night scenes and have a good rest in a local hotel.

The second day

Visit the Zhenfeng Zeguo Memorial Arch, Zhouzhuang Museum, Shuangqiao (Double Bridges) and Yifei Museum (where you can enjoy typical South China picturesque scenery).

Visit Zhang Hall (a typical South China folk house), pass through the Stone Pavement Alley to enter Shen Hall (the most majestic of all South China's folk houses), and then take rest and refreshment in a restaurant in a traditional Zhouzhuang style.

Arrive at the harbor via Fu'an Bridge and take a tour boat to enjoy the beauty of the water alley. After landing, visit Milou (the Enchanting Tower), Sanmao Teahouse, the Street of Traditional Art and Culture, Chengxu Taoist Temple, the Quanfu Temple and Ye Chucang Residence.

Leave the town at dusk.