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Hit Farmland Treasure

Masts were erected with many colorful lanterns on the square near the Niulang Temple in Dongzhai village on Lantern Festival. On the top, it was the farmland treasure, which shapes like a gold bar.

<BR>Hit Farmland Treasure

At night, people gather together at the square with fireworks on their hands. After the candle light put out on the masts, people set off various fireworks at the farmland treasure. Then it falls down and burns on the ground. Farmers throng to ignite straws from the fallen treasure. Swinging straws, they happily sing songs to wish a happy new year.

Such tradition can be traced back far. In Song dynasty, from 25th of the 12th lunar month to the Spring Festival Eve, there was exorcising activities. While in Qing dynasty, the event was also held during harvest and sericulture times. In Zhouzhuang, the festival is set after the Lantern Festival.