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Shenting Restaurant

Manzo pork leg:

There is a saying, regarding the legendary businessman Shen Manzo, that “as long as Manzo receives his guests, there will be pork legs.” Pork legs have since became a classic choice for Zhouzhuang people when receiving guests. The chosen pork leg is braised with a gentle heat. Crisp but not overcooked, fatty but not greasy, the color of the dish resembles crystalline agate, whilst its aroma is all-pervading. The food is said to be good for both the old and the young.

Preserved vegetable amaranth:

This is true water town staple. When the rapeseed matures, the locals pick off its fresh leaves, wash them and then dry them. Then they preserve the leaves in a bottle, which is subsequently sealed with special leaves and yellow mud. The bottle is then placed upside down in a pottery basin. After several months, when stripped of the leaves and mud, a fresh fragrance will greet the would-be diner. The food can then be eaten on its own or cooked with other dishes.

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