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Leisure tour in Zhouzhuang

Zhouzhuang, labeled as China's first floating water town, is famous for its unique and perfect environment. The ancient architecture in Ming and Qing Dynasties here were preserved well, which constitutes a poetic picture together with “small bridges, running stream, scattered houses, gorgeous sunset and fishmen’s melodious singing”.

Since it became the first National 5A tourist destination in 2007, it has further optimized the landscape characteristics and the management, service and ecological environment.

Visiting to Zhouzhuan not only help you admire its ancient characteristics, but also involves you into its folk culture.

Daily Route

Visit the Zhenfeng Zeguo Memorial Arch, Ancient Drama Stage, Twin Bridge (Shuangqiao), Fu’an Bridge, Zhang’s House, Shen’s House, Quanfu Temple, the Enchanting Tower (Milou) and Zhenfeng Folk Cultural Street.

Feature: Visitors are able to enjoy the classical scenic spots in Zhouzhuang.

Recommended Route

Arrive at Aidu Folk Customs Quarter, drinking tea and listening to Kun Opera in a boat, boarding at the Nanhu pier, visiting Quanfu Temple, enjoying handcraft performances in Zhenfeng Folk Cultural Street, experiencing virtual fishing at Yanjiang Fishing Hall.

Prepare Family Banquet of Shen Wansan for the dinner, seeing large-scale show Zhouzhuang in All Seasons, listening to Kun Opera at the Ancient Drama Stage, checking in Yunhai Resort or Zhouzhuang Hotel.

Feature: suitable for mid- and top-end visitors and foreign travelers, who can not only admire the ancient characteristics, but also its folk culture.