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Water alley tour

1. Water Alley Tour

Small boats would stroll through the centuries-old water alleys, enabling tourists to listen to folk songs of local maidens while enjoying the scenes of the ancient town of “small bridges, flowing rivers and residences.” The tourism line starts with the Baixian Lake and ends at the Nanhu Lake. It marches along the Jishuigang route to traverse the two lakes, boasting charming idyllic lakeshore landscape on the way.

2. Speeding Boating

Having got a taste of the Dianshanhu Oriental International Amusement Park, Grant Yacht Club, and Xubao Golf Course, tourists might enjoy themselves with speeding boats to brave the wind and waves in the vast lakes. This is really an easy way to explore the charms of folk customs in the ancient town of Zhouzhuang.

Water alley tour
Water alley

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