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Fu’an Bridge

Fu’an Bridge

Fu'an Bridge sits at the eastern end of Zhongshi Street, traversing the Nanbeishi River and stretching across to Nanbeishi Street. It is said that a Governor Temple stood beside the bridge, so it was originally called Governor Bridge.

The bridge was built by Yang Zhong in the 15th year of Emperor Zhizheng of the Yuan Dynasty (1355). It was reconstructed in the 14th year of Emperor Chenghua (1478) and the first year of Emperor Jiajing (1522) of the Ming Dynasty.

This is a single arch bridge, stretching 17.4 meters long and 3.8 meters wide over a span of 6.6 meters. It was rebuilt into a granite bridge in 1855, the 5th year of Emperor Chengfeng of the Qing Dynasty. Stairs were paved at the eastern and western ends, while the central part was kept flat. The bridge was then engraved with relief patterns.

It is said that Shen Wansi, younger brother of Shen Wansan, donated funds to renovate the bridge, a move to do something good for the neighborhood, since he did not want to follow the example of his brother and oppose Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang and get exiled to the remote hinterland. The name of the bridge, Fu'an Bridge, explicitly expresses his desire to seek peace after he became well-off.

The bridge contains five Wukang stones, which are rarely seen in the southern Yangtze River area. One long stone is placed at the eastern end of the bridge, serving as a railing for passengers to take a rest. One stone is used to constitute the stairs. Three other short stones are paved at the western end. They all reflect the long history of the bridge.