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Da Cheng Tang Drugstore

Da Cheng Tang Drugstore

Da Cheng Tang, constructed at the end of Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty, was said to be founded by Shen You, father of southern China millionaire Shen Wansan. Shen You was a merchant of grain, silk and medicinal materials.

He was keenly aware of business strategies. He gave priority to credibility, thus naming his business Da Cheng Tang (“a business of high credibility”), which comprised three courtyards, totaling 800 square meters with over 80 rooms.

The front rooms were shops, while the back rooms were workshops and warehouses. His drugstore was one of the most influential ones in the southern Yangtze River area.

The first courtyard serves as the drugstore, lined with antique articles. The counter and drug cases are arranged in original patterns, impressing visitors with genuine traditional Chinese medical service. The drugstore has more than 500 varieties of medicinal materials, which are classified and put in respective cases.

The second courtyard is reserved for medical service. On Saturday and Sunday, we will invite experts from Kunshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to provide professional medical consultation.

The third courtyard is largely used to process medicinal materials, which is a meticulous job. The second floor of the building is separated into three parts: a traditional Chinese medicine development hall, medicinal material samples room, and teahouse.