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Shen Wansan riverbed tomb

Shen Wansan riverbed tomb

The Shen Wansan riverbed tomb is located at the bed of the winding and crystal-clear Yinzi Brook in the northern part of the town. The brook features abundant duckweed, algae and weeds.

It is said that Yinzi Brook has a fountain at its end, gushing out endless water. There is a solid ancient tomb in the water, burying the coffin of Shen Wansan. The shimmering river looks like a mysterious silver belt.

Shen Wansan was said to have a “treasure bowl.” In those years when Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty constructed the Nanjing City Wall, Shen donated 13,000 liang of silver (equal to 650 kilograms) to repair the road between Hongwu Gate and Shuixi Gate.

Later, went the project went way over-budget, Shen donated another 13,000 liang of silver. Emperor Zhu, insatiably greedy, ordered Shen to give all his treasures. Shen refused and carried his silver back to Zhouzhuang and hid it underneath Yinzi Brook.

In the end, he brought his treasures with him by moving to an alien land, but was caught by Zhu’s bodyguards and exiled to the Yunnan hinterland in southwest China. When Shen died, his coffin was carried back to Zhouzhuang and buried at the bottom of Yinzi Brook.