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Jiang Nan Ren Jia theme park

Jiang Nan Ren Jia theme park

The park, located at the mouth of Zhouzhuang Old Town, is a major project of the Zhouzhuang Town Government to expand the scenic spot area and improve tourism services.

Jiang Nan Ren Jia has an area of 48,000 square meters, and floor space of 40,000 square meters. It was developed by Shanghai Aoge Kunshan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

EDAW, from the United States, is in charge of the program and landscape design, along with some experts in ancient architecture from Tongji University and Dongnan University.

The project is done in the architectural style of civilian dwellings in southern Yangtze River areas and, considering modern consumption features, introduces modern building and decoration elements, integrating traditional cultures and simple, modern fashion.

It is known for its high quality, high taste and high cultural content. It provides fashionable catering entertainment services. As for the future, the park plans to introduce a large number of name brands, individualized and entertainment-based franchised shops.