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Travel Zhouzhuang during Mid-Autumn Day and enjoy four seasons of beautiful scenery


I. Date 12th Sept, 2011.

II. Aim

To make Zhouzhuang, the first watery town of China, attract more tourists and develop new ancient-town tour characteristics. Make tourists sense that only in Zhouzhuang can you experience the atmosphere of traditional festivals.

III. Concrete content

Gather at Zhouzhuang Season Ticket Center at 3:00 pm. Guide will lead you to the scenic spot. First you will visit the cultural street, where you can enjoy a presentation on folk customs, including Chinese traditional spinning and weaving, hammering, wine-making, bamboo basket knitting, straw sandals weaving, etc. The first twenty tourists can even get the chance to make Zhouzhuang special pastries (about one hour).

Then you will be led to Fu’an Bridge, one of Zhouzhuang’s famous bridges. Followed by a visit to Shen Wansan, a site that is famous for a millionaire legend of Southeast China. Meanwhile, tourists can go sightseeing in Zhang’s Mansion (Water Alley Tour) and enjoy the characteristics of the residence of an official in Ming Dynasty..

At the end of the tour, you will be led to two bridges called the key to opening the Zhouzhuang tourism door. Here you can appreciate the bridges, rivers, and watery villages.

Supper will be arranged at one’s own accord (Shui Zhiyun Hotel is recommended). After supper, you will gather in Zhouzhuang performing center. Here you can sit on the “Reunion Desk” (only provided for the first twenty tourists), taste Zhouzhuang moon-cakes, release lanterns and pray, admire the full moon, and appreciate China’s first original watery town show----Zhouzhuang in all Seasons.

IV. Favorable price

1. Night Tour in Zhouzhuang, RMB ¥80/person 2. Watching Zhouzhuang in all Seasons: RMB ¥150/person 3. Guide fee: RMB ¥15/person 4. Lantern + Moon-cakes + feature pastries: RMB ¥75/person Discount favorable price: RMB ¥160/person; price for children: RMB ¥75/person

V. Favorable items

All tourists that take part in this activity will be offered: ① half price for the Encompassing Zhouzhuang Tour ②Special deal at the Shui Zhiyun Hotel: RMB ¥260/room(including two mornings)③ private dwelling: RMB ¥150/room④Special deal at the Fugui holiday chamber: RMB ¥150/room(including two mornings) Contact number: Miss Cai: 13913223197 051257211699 Manager Xu: 13912682209 051257211699

Travel Zhouzhuang during Mid-Autumn Day and enjoy four seasons of beautiful scenery