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Schedules of New Year activities in Zhouzhuang

By By Wang Jingjing and Yuan Jingya(chinadaily.com.cn)





Praying at the beginning of New Year in Zhouzhuang Traditional New Year celebrations with  a different series of folk culture performances

10:00, 1, January

ancient Archway
Ring New Year's bell Ring New Year's bell 108 times at midnight and pray for the coming New Year together Midnight 22,January Quanfu Temple
Whip the New Year "ox" at Spring Festival The traditional custom of whipping the New Year "ox" at the Spring Festival is symbolic of wishing for a  good harvest in the coming year

10:00, 23, January

In front of ancient Archway
Welcoming "the god of wealth" ceremony  Welcome "the god of wealth" with the ceremony on the fifth day of the first lunar month and see the New Year’s blessing parade

00:08, 27, January

In front of ancient Archway
Lantern Festival Celebration  Lantern Festival Celebration includes guessing lantern riddles, playing couplets games and floating River Lanterns. 18:30-20:00 Ancient Stage