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Zhouzhuang attractions

From the Fuguiyuan (富贵园)bus parking lot you can either walk straight west into the entrance of Old Town, or you can deviate slightly south and walk through the tourist area under development, featuring a rather surreal collection of wide streets, brand new buildings and totally empty shops. Spend a few hours in Old Town. Quanfu Temple (Buddhist) and Chengxu Temple (Taoist) are worth a look. Other sites, such as Mi building, where "Liu Yazi and Chen Qubing, sponsors of Nanshe Community had orgies for 4 times, singing merrily and improvising poems in joyful mood," will keep you entertained for a few minutes at most. When you get tired of walking along the canals and being accosted by people selling the same junk you have seen everywhere else in China, walk out of the tourist area and poke around in the alleys. It is surprisingly easily to get away from other tourists here. In one little alley straight west of the Ancient Memorial Archway (Gupailou--古牌楼)there is a cormorant fisherman whose cormorants all live in a little courtyard.