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Zhouzhuang One-Day Tour normalizes practices


Recently, the Zhouzhuang One-Day Tour has experienced problems related to extreme price drops and illegal vendors in Shanghai. The issues have hurt the brand image of Zhouzhuang and the rights of tourists. To normalize market behavior and guarantee the rights of tourists, Zhouzhuang announces the normalization of the Zhouzhuang One-Day Tour.

1. The Zhouzhuang scenic district supports the Zhouzhuang Independent Tour Association established by some contracted tourism companies to normalize the market.

2. The district agrees to sign a preferential treatment agreement on condition that members of the association guarantee that the number of shopping spots in the tour route is less than three and the sightseeing time is no less than three hours. Non-contracted companies cannot be treated as contracted companies.

3. The district has the right to end the partnership with the association or its members if they break the district rules or the association rules in practice.

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