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Zhouzhuang finishes first simulative campus for traffic safety in Jiangyin


Zhouzhuang experimental primary school built the first simulative campus for traffic safety in Jiangyin. At the campus, zebra crossings, motorways and bicycle lanes can be seen on every road, crossroad and area. Standard traffic signs are accompanied by text instructions. Traffic lights have been set up along crossroads and school bus lanes have been established. Walking in the campus is like walking on the bustling roads outside campus.

In 2007, Zhouzhuang experimental primary school finished the first simulative classroom for traffic safety on the western campus. Last year, the eastern campus was completed with a total area covering 50,000 square meters. Students have formed a traffic police squad with 25 people who patrol the campus to inspect traffic safety.

The simulative campus of traffic safety can combine safety education with campus life, which will attract students to simulativetraffic safety and traffic safety consciousness. Students will form good habits and follow traffic rules after six years on the simulative campus.