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Zhouzhuang's summer in memory


Life in Zhouzhuang during summer was very relaxed. Time flied with cool breeze.

Cattail leaf fan

Zhouzhuang's summer in memory

Cattail leaf fan [Photo/Kunshan Daily]

A cattail leaf fan was indispensable during Zhouzhuang's hot summer days. In the evening, in particular, residents enjoyed the cool under trees with stools.

Adults engaged in small talks, while waving cattail leaf fan; children played in alleys.

A cattail leaf fan, instead of an air condition, brings a cool summer in Zhouzhuang.

"Iced" watermelons

Zhouzhuang's summer in memory

"Iced" watermelons [Photo/Kunshan Daily]

Watermelons and hot summer go well together.

Children soaked watermelons with mesh bags in well water and lift them after afternoon naps. It's very cool and delicious.

In Zhouzhuang's summer, well water is enough to bring cool drink.

Michelia alba

Zhouzhuang's summer in memory

Michelia alba [Photo/Kunshan Daily]

It was common to see grannies carrying bamboo baskets filled with Michelia alba and jasmine.

They also wore Michelia alba on heads, leaving faint scent.


Zhouzhuang's summer in memory

Grasshopper [Photo/Kunshan Daily]

In summer, peddlers sold grasshoppers with small cages along streets, which was very attractive to children.

In the evening, children hanged the cage on a mosquito net and fell asleep accompanied by grasshoppers' chirps.

Lotus seedpod

Zhouzhuang's summer in memory

Lotus seedpod [Photo/Kunshan Daily]

It's a good way to kill time to shell lotus seedpods and eat lotus seeds. And lotus seedpods with water drops looked fresh and loveable.

If you were to live such a lifestyle in Zhouzhuang, you would feel that time slows.