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Savor a slower pace of rural life in Qibang village


Seven miles outside the center of Zhouzhuang, Jiangsu province, Qibang village is the perfect place for visitors looking to slow things down and savor the pleasures of a sedate rural lifestyle.

The village offers beautiful scenery, excellent accommodation and catering options, and even the opportunity to pitch into some farming activities.

Here are some of the experiences you will get the chance to enjoy during your stay:

Flower appreciation

No matter how tiring your week has been, any stress will evaporate once the calming scent of Qibang's fields of fresh flowers hits your nostrils.

The village is bathed in a sea of flowers around the year thanks to the huge diversity of plants growing nearby, which includes sunflowers, kelsang flowers in the tourist reception center, broad bean and rapeseed in the fields, magnolia and osmanthus along the roads, daisy and honeysuckles in the traditional courtyard houses, as well as the blossom of an array of fruit trees in the villages many orchards.

Savor a slower pace of rural life in Qibang village

Peach flowers are in full bloom in the Qibang village of Zhouzhuang. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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