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A taste of Zhouzhuang


Fully appreciating the poetic beauty of Zhouzhuang requires time and patience, and visitors who are in a hurry may miss out on some of the hidden gems of the world famous water town. But foodies need only follow their nose to discover a wealth of tasty treats and local specialties on offer.

Bean-curd jelly (dou fu hua)

A taste of Zhouzhuang

Sprinkled with dried shrimp, seaweed, and chopped scallions, atop an unctuous and creamy bowl of tofu, bean curd jelly is a soft and warming taste sensation. With a little sesame oil and soya sauce added, the umami flavors will linger on the tip of your tongue.

Address: No 11 Xianyuan Alley, Zhouzhuang

Osmanthus steamed rice (gui hua wu mi fan)

A taste of Zhouzhuang

Osmanthus steamed rice is made from glutinous rice soaked in boiled water perfumed with the leaves and sweet osmanthus. Those who try this specialty are in for the treat of an explosion of flowery flavor when you put it in your mouth.

Address: No 11 Xianjiang Street, Zhouzhuang

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