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Zhouzhuang is 60 km away from Shanghai, 38 km from Suzhou and 30 km from Kunshan.

To reach it, you can travel southward along the Shanghai-Nanjing Highway to Zhouzhuang, taking the Kunshan Exit. Alternatively, you can go along the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, taking the Jiaxing Exit, then, heading to Pingwang, take State Road 318 and the Shangzhou Road to Zhouzhuang. You can also travel to Shanghai, Suzhou or Kunshan by train first, and then transfer to Zhouzhuang by the regular bus service.

From Shanghai to Zhouzhuang:

A. Shanghai – Shanghai - Nanjing Highway – Kunshan Exit – turn right, and go straight heading to Zhangpu and Zhouzhuang – arrive in Zhouzhuang (about 1 hour after leaving the highway)

B. Shanghai – Highway A9 – Jinze Exit – turn right onto State Road 318 – turn right at Daguanyuan – turn left at Shangta – arrive in Zhouzhuang (about 20 minutes after leaving the highway)

From Nanjing to Zhouzhuang:

A. Nanjing – Shanghai - Nanjing Highway – Kunshan Exit (then refer to “From Shanghai to Zhouzhuang: A”)

B. Nanjing – Shanghai - Nanjing Highway – Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou Highway – Zhouzhuang, Wujiang Exit – go straight heading to Tongli and Zhouzhuang (about 20 minutes after leaving the highway)

By Water

The Jishui (Rapid Water) River, which passes through the north of Zhouzhuang Town, is a Level 4 National Channel and an important transportation lane for Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Shanghai. It connects with the Shanghai Port at the east end, and joins the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal at the west.

You can also fly to Shanghai first and then take State Road 318 and Shangzhou Road to Zhouzhuang.