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Maokong Book Shop


Maokong Book Shop
People come to Maokong Book Shop to meet their friends and leave postcards for sending on. [Photo from Kunshan Tourism Resort]

It is a novel book shop with a warm and comfortable space. Maokong book shop is a very pure place created in an original style and with a love for illustrations.

It is a literary and refreshing place. The shop just sells work designed and painted by themselves as well as some books that may not be very popular with some people.

It provides art works, picture books, travel and novels beloved by the shopkeeper and a reading service. Now, the shop has already become the most important designer and publisher of postcards in China.

In order to provide a better reading service, it serves home-made milk tea, coffee and desserts. After reading, the customers can buy some postcards and send best wishes to themselves or perhaps to their friends in the future.

Address: No 6, Xianyuan Road, Zhouzhuang town, Kunshan