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Delicacies in Zhouzhuang


In addition to enchanting water town views, Visitors to Zhouzhuang are able to relish a dazzling array of local delicacies. The following are some renowned dishes or snacks that shouldn't be missed.

Wansan pork hock

Wansan pork shank, one of the most famous local delicacies in Zhouzhuang, is named after Shen Wansan, the town's first ever millionaire, who lived during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). Over several centuries, the dish has become a main course at festivals and wedding banquets.

Shenting jiujia, a renowned restaurant in Zhouzhuang, prepares its Wansan pork shank using the finest ingredients. Well-marbled and roasted, the shanks are then steamed or braised for an entire day in a large casserole of mixed spices and ingredients.

Delicacies in Zhouzhuang

Wansan pork hock [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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