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Winter days in Zhouzhuang: Part 1


Winter is a special time in Jiangnan, the regions to the south of the Yangtze River Delta. Winter in this part of East China tends to be gentle and soft, a time when the air is still and the rain so fine.

The colder months are also the perfect time to visit Zhouzhuang, one of Jiangnan's most famous water towns. Zhouzhuang is at its best in winter, becoming a cozy place of warmth sheltering its residents from the chilly weather.

If you are planning a winter trip to Zhouzhuang, make sure you try these must-see seasonal activities:

Take a winter boat tour

Surrounded by rivers, water has been at the center of Zhouzhuang residents' lives for centuries. Zhuang Chundi, the town's mayor, even said once that water is even more important to people in Zhouzhuang than it is to Venice, because the town's maze of streams and canals are not just used for transport, but also in many other ways in people's daily lives.

The town's water does not freeze in winter, and in many ways winter is the perfect time to do a boat tour in Zhouzhuang. The quiet stillness of the town, the red glowing lamps hanging from the buildings, and the sound of cheerful conversations heard through the windows of the old whitewashed riverside buildings give the town a warm feeling despite the cold weather.

Winter days in Zhouzhuang: Part 1

Water in Zhouzhuang feeds generations of residents in the ancient town in Jiangsu province. [Photo/zhouzhuang.net]

Try some warming winter delicacies

If you come to Zhouzhuang in winter, you must try some of the town's delicious local delicacies that locals consume to keep the cold at bay.

Wansan pork shank, a traditional dish often served for guests in Zhouzhuang, is a good choice for cold weather, especially if you wash it down with a few cups of Wansan Wine, a kind of local rice wine. The greasy meat and fiery spirit will keep you warm on even the coldest days.

Winter days in Zhouzhuang: Part 1

Wansan Wine, made of the sticky rice grown near Zhouzhuang, has a very special taste and is said to boost the metabolism. [Photo/zhouzhuang.net]

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