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Shenting jiujia


Located next to the Fu'an Bridge in Zhouzhuang, Shenting Jiujia is a restaurant famous for serving Wansan "Eight Bowls", the eight dishes which used to be included in the banquet Shen Wansan treats distinguished guests on annul festivals. They are composed of Wansan pork shank, braised mandarin fish, fried eels in brown sauce, stewed winkles, gluten stuffed with pork, fried eel, wheat gluten soup, and preserved smelly bean curd.

Tel number: 0512-57211848

Address: Nanshi Street No 55-56, Zhouzhuang

Shenting jiujia

A waiter in traditional Chinese garment welcomes guests at the Shenting jiujia of Zhouzhuang. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]