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Zhouzhuang Elegance Villa

Zhouzhuang Elegance Villa is located in the east of Zhouzhuang Town, near popular scenic spots like the Twin Bridge, Shen's House and Zhang's House.

The hotel features luxury suites, junior suites, double-bed standard rooms, KTV boxes and large conference rooms. A variety of entertainment is available to guests, including a fishing area, a DIY classroom, a hippodrome, rock climbing, laser countermeasures, swimming pool, children sports area and a barbecue.

Beetle Sweetgrass Restaurant, which seats 400 people, is located in the villa. On the restaurant's second floor, there are two rooms and one larger room, which can be used for conferences.

Service hotline: 0512-57216066/57217899

Fax: 0512-57216088


Add: Elegance Garden, Zhouzhuang Town