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Zhen Gu Hotel

Next to the Taiping Bridge, and not far from the Twin Bridge, Zhen Gu Hotel is the former residence of Shen Tilan, a patriotic educator, who passed his childhood here.

Zhen Gu Hotel provides ancient civil dwellings, which is one of Zhouzhuang Tourism Programs. Standing before the window, all you see are all tiny bridges and comfortable life. Lying in bed, you will hear the squeak of oars in oarlocks.

The Hotel has only four guestrooms adorned with beautiful antique ornaments. The other space is reserved for studies, living room and dining rooms, guaranteeing high privacy, an ideal place for vacations, meetings and parties.

The Hotel provides considerate services, where you may buy vegetables and cook dishes, or entrust waitresses to buy and cook the food for you. Either way, you may enjoy dishes of rich local features and become a free man in Zhouzhuang.

Market price: 580-680 yuan/day, with special rates for reservations, except for holidays.