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Zhouzhuang an ideal place for study tour


Cartion King creation park

Cartion King creation park, located on the Quanfu Road in Zhouhuang is a world made out of cartons.

People can not only buy many products made out of cartons, such as creative paper lamps and paper airplanes, but also make different kinds of animals with cartons in a DIY area.

In a paper-made zoo, children could play with lions, tigers, giraffes, boars and monkeys. People are also able to dine in a restaurant whose tables and chairs are all made of cartons.

Qibang village

Visitors to the Qibang village could experience which the rural life was like in the past. They are able to pick vegetables and fruits, feed ivestock and even make tofu by themselves.

Pear Garden

Pear Garden, formerly known as Zhouzhuang Ancient Opera Stage is a wonderful place for visitors to enjoy and learn Kunqu Opera, one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera originating from Kunshan, the city in Jiangsu that administers Zhouzhuang.

Zhouzhuang an ideal place for study tour

Performers perform the Kunqu opera in Zhouzhuang. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]