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Zhouzhuang launches firefly-themed tourism trip


Zhouzhuang launches firefly-themed tourism trip

Visitors experience what the rural life was like in Qibang village, Zhouhuang in East China's Jiangsu province. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Visitors to Zhouzhuang, an iconic water town in East China's Jiangsu province, are able to sign up for a tourism trip revolving round fireflies.

The event, scheduled to be held from July 27 to Aug 3 in the town, shall include such scenic attractions as Qibang village, Zhenfeng cultural street, Carton King creativity park.

In Qibang village, visitors could experience what the rural life was like in the past. They are able to pick vegetables and fruits, feed livestock and even make tofu by themselves.

On a midsummer night, it would be a wonderful experience to fly glowworms, observing the bright little fairies dance in the air.

Homestays in the village must be another excellent choice to slow down and recall old memories.

Combining traditional beauty with a modern style, these homestays, spacious and cozy, are perfect for friends gatherings or family reunions.

Cartion King creation park, located on the Quanfu Road in Zhouhuang is a world made out of cartons.

Visitors can not only buy many products made out of cartons, such as creative paper lamps and paper airplanes, but also make different kinds of animals with cartons in a DIY area.

In a paper-made zoo, children could play with lions, tigers, giraffes, boars and monkeys. People are also able to dine in a restaurant whose tables and chairs are all made of cartons.

Visitors to the famous water town are able to observe masterful skills of craftsmen at work at 12 workshops located on the Zhenfeng Cultural Street.

Besides, the trip still include the live-action show Zhouzhuang in Four Seasons, a visual and musical extravaganza that promises to allow visitors to get to know Zhouzhuang in just one night. Based around a classic love story set during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the show has been a huge hit with audiences since it first debuted in 2007 thanks to its sumptuous visuals.

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